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December 31, 2007

Comment update.

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Users no longer have to register to comment. All comments do require moderation though. I’ll receive an email immediately when one writes a comment and I’ll act on it as soon as possible.

Do Draenei chew their cud?

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Do to the seeming lack of end game healers on Velen, the server that I play WoW on, I’ve decided to level my long neglected Draenei Shaman. I am liking it about as much as I like hunters so far. They are resilient, can do great damage, and can heal themselves. For leveling, that is pretty important. I’m going to level as Enhancement with a toe in Restoration, but once I hit high 60s, I’ll switch to resto… I think. One of the glaring problems that I’m already seeing with the shaman is the small mana pool. I have to pay attention and pace myself, just like a lowbie hunter. Folks complain that shamans can’t take on 2 yellow mobs. I’ve had no problem as long as my mana pool doesn’t run out. With 2 mobs on me, I may even take the time to drop a totem since it’s likely to be a longer haul.

Currently, Ep is level 18 (almost 19) and is doing quests in Bloodmyst. It’s a lot more fun then Westfall or Darkshore. The storyline is better, and most of the quests are close to the town (BloodWatch). It’s almost time to pick my 20-30 zone though.

December 27, 2007

Black Morass adds howto.

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I’m finally keyed for Karazhan. After a kara pug, I’ve been invited into 2 raiding guilds. Apparently, keyed hunters are a rarity on Velen.

Enough bragging. I’ve been doing a lot of Black Morass runs lately helping folks get keyed. I’m actually beginning to enjoy it. I have always done adds, so I’ll talk a little about that. The bosses are mostly straightforward, but it’s an endurance run. I usually have to drink at least twice, which is unusual for me in instances. I have a lot of mp5 gear.

So how does one handle adds as a BM hunter in Black Morass?

  • Turn on Growl and dash. A boar is a great pet because of charge. I don’t have to worry about stealing agro on about half of the adds with charge.
  • lay a snake trap in the line from the portal to Medivh. The whelps will hit this and stop their advance. This gives you time to burn them down.
  • On boss number 12, drop a beacon between the portal and Medivh. The guardian will mow down some of the adds while you go add your DPS to Temporus. Ask for a little help cleaning up adds afterward if needed.
  • Drink up when you can. You may need to cut off the drink to handle incoming.
  • Misdirect and multishot can help when the advance of adds is going too fast. This gets them on your pet so you can focus and burn them down.
  • Ask any paladin tank to be very careful with concecrate. It will draw the adds to him and make your life difficult.

Have fun in there. It’s a short, intense instance, with the potential for good loot.

December 18, 2007

Testing Thottbot links

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Just testing some thottbot tooltip links.
Close enough. The item images are a little oddly placed. Probably some wordpress artifact. I’ll look at that later.

Black Morass badness

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Last night I joined a pug for Black Morass to get the key to Kara. We failed miserably. Our group consisted of a boomkin, an mm hunter, a bm hunter (me), a healer paladin, and a tankadin. I was on adds. I think part of the problem was that one of the other DPS started helping with the adds, and wasn’t taking down the bosses. That got us into a cycle where we fell behind and could not catch up. We made it to boss number 11. The tank and mm hunter left immediately after that.

The moral of the story? All but one DPS stays on the bosses and ignores the adds. One DPS is assigned to adds and no one else helps until the boss is dead. I recently had a good run in BM, but I didn’t have the key quest. Since we have a lot of guildies approaching 70, I have a feeling I’ll be doing BM alot… and SL, and SV, and Arcatraz.

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