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March 30, 2008

Welfare PvP gear and Mail Healing Bracers

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I was drooling over Sha’tar rep rewards when I noticed some new gear: Seer’s Ringmail Battlegear. It looks like there is a set for most if not all classes/specs. If you’re pre-Kara and don’t do pvp, check out the gear. It’s not as good for PvE since points are spent on resilience, but it could be better then the greenies you’re toting around now. In particular, I picked up the leggings and gloves to replace Elemental shaman gear.

I was on AH yesterday lamenting the lack of resto shaman bracers when I came across Crocolisk Scale Wristguards of Healing. There are no stats or mp5, but they have +60 healing. I’m also going to keep my eyes out for Illidari Wristguards of Healing. They have +72 healing and a bit more armor. For enchants, one could go with an Enchant Bracer – Restore Mana Prime or if your mp5 is ok, then go for Enchant Bracer – Superior Healing. Woohoo! Bracers that aren’t complete crap!

March 26, 2008

Resto Farming

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Well, I didn’t go to Magister’s Terrace. I didn’t go group with anyone. I farmed for Alchemy recipes in Nagrand. It turns out that I can farm effectively as resto. I have about +450 spell damage, so that helps. My usual pull is lightning, which hits for just over 1k, then flame shock (or earth shock if I’m facing a caster), then drop a searing totem, then melee the mob down while keeping flame shock up. Windfury isn’t as effective in resto as it was in enhanced. I apply flametongue. I tried using earth shield to keep my health up, but it seems more mana efficient to use water shield and heal when needed. I’m considering getting an elemental set for my farming activities, and just keeping the resto spec. I may re-talent and get some lower tier elemental talents to help damage a bit.

March 25, 2008

A Busy Day in WoW land

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I respecced to Restoration last night and donned my healing gear. 2.4 is coming out today. I have some farming to do for alchemy.

I think I’ll start with the new instance if I can find a group tonight. I’ll probably have to respec back to enhancement to do farming until I get good elemental gear. You may see a post occasionally from Mercury who plays a feral druid. We will probably instance together some, so you may see a post from each of us from our different perspectives on the instances.

March 17, 2008

The Last Ding

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My wife graciously allowed me to use her laptop to play WoW this weekend. Yes, she’s probably enabling my addiction. Well anyway, Ep made level 70 and bought the flying mount. I was going to respec as soon as Ep hit 70, but I’d like to get all of the solo quests in Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm before switching. I don’t think a resto will be as efficient with these. Is this an excuse to stay enhanced a little longer? Maybe it is. I love how fast I can chew through monsters. I’ve also enjoyed the few times I’ve main healed, so the transition shouldn’t be much of a shock to me.

So as a new 70 with blues and greens, I can muster a healing bonus of +890. That won’t get me far, but I still have a lot of quests and pre-kara instances to do so my gear will improve. I’m also working on an enhanced set. My AP is about 900 right now on that side. Og, the hunter is at 1500 AP, so I have a way to go there too. I’d forgotten how much work there is to gear up for Kara.

March 13, 2008


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3 bubbles away from level 69, my laptop decides to give up the video. I had to pull my Sony Vaio UX280 out of a dusty corner and put some Ubuntu on it for work. I haven’t figured out how to play wow on it yet, but it’s serviceable for work stuff. I’m scheduled to hear from tech support in about 30 minutes. There is corruption in the video and the diagnostics show bad video memory, so I don’t have a lot of faith that I’ll be back up by the weekend. I may have to borrow my wife’s laptop… She is actually enjoying me without World of Warcraft though.

While I’m waiting, the topic of factions has been on my mind. This is a resto shaman view of pre-kara factions. Other healers may find some of it useful, but there will be differences. I won’t be looking for any +spirit items for instance. First up is scryer/aldor. Both have interesting shoulder enchants. I chose Aldor because the +healing was higher for the Greater Inscription of Faith. The Greater Inscription of the Oracle has more mp5 and less healing. This is probably more of a personal choice and may depend on the gear you plan to acquire. Once I hit 70, I’ll be getting my Shattered Halls keyand running SH a lot to get to revered. I will then purchase: Glyph of Renewal and a Ring of Convalescence. The Muck-Covered Drape from Sporeggar honored, and the Apexis Cloak from Ogri’la revered look very interesting as well. I’ll probably want revered with Lower City for the Lower City Prayerbook . The hardest grind will be Sha’tar exalted for the Gavel of Pure Light. At revered, there is Xi’ri’s Gift. That’s a ton of instances for all of that rep. I guess I should get my laptop fixed and get crackin’.

March 6, 2008

End Game Healer Enchants

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As I start gathering healing gear for the end game, I’m also looking at what enchants and augments I’ll need to be effective. I got this idea from BRK‘s website for hunters. His list of enchantments are probably the last word for hunters and it really helped my hunter, Og become a better killing machine. So here is the list of enchants that a resto shaman might look for once he has passable gear. I believe this list will work for most healers with little adjustment.

The boots enchant is a little lacking, but for a resto shaman, +stamina is probably the best choice. Clothies may want the old spirit enchant instead. The other much cheaper option for the chest enchant is +6mp5 but I think the +6 intelligence and +6 stamina trump this. There is debate about this on Elitist Jerks. The best weapon enchant for solo and 5 mans is probably major healing. Spellsurge is more desirable in a raid setting where other casters will have it too.

March 5, 2008

Preparing for the Change (or Gearing up for Restoration)

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Ep the shaman is nearly level 67 now and I’ve been buying some Bind on Equip gear for the change to try to make my healing as effective as possible as early as possible. I’m looking mostly for +int, +healing, and +mana per 5 seconds gear. I may replace some of this stuff with quest and instance gear and just sell it back on AH, but some of it may make it into Kara too. Here is the list of mostly resto shaman focused stuff that I’ve aquired so far:

Thundercaller’s Gauntlets and Netherfury Boots are more for elemental shaman, but they may have to suffice if I don’t find something better. This isn’t the complete list of gear that I need obviously, but it’s a start. Resto4Now has a great list and rankings of resto shaman gear. The Shammy Wiki has a more complete list of stuff the budding 70 resto shaman should look for to gird for Kara and heroics. Most of my collection is on that list.

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