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May 31, 2008

Botanica Redeux

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I did two Tempest Keep five mans today to get some Sha’tar rep. First was a Mechanar pug. We wiped a couple of times. We got all of the bosses, but no one had the patience to clear the whole place.

Next up was a regular Botanica run. This run went much better then the last time. Everyone was over-geared for the instance, which helped. At the High Botanist, we didn’t do any dancing. We just burned him down. I think it took about 30 minutes to clear the place. I have about 4 k more rep until I can make my Alchemist’s Stone, and then my Redeemer’s Alchemist Stone.

Another Kara Run

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I won’t post on Kara runs in the future unless something cool happens. In this run, I managed to stay alive more, and I topped the healing chart. I also topped the over-healing chart by far, which probably isn’t wonderful. Aside from the badges, I picked up DragonQuake Shoulderguards. Tomorrow is our 25 mn raid. We’re going to start with Maggatheridon and go do something else after that. I’m hoping for Gruul but it’s not a popular venue in our guild.

May 28, 2008

First full Kara Run

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I’ve been in Karazhan before, but I’ve only seen the first three bosses, and I’ve never been part of a group that took any of them down. Last week, I was part of a guild “speed run” of Kara. It ended up being four hours for 22 badges. I also picked up Totem of Healing Rains and the Tier 4 helm. The Mender’s Heart-Ring dropped and I got that too. It’s not a great shaman healing ring, but it has Stamina, which I’m lacking. I had 37 badges, so I replaced my old Crocolisk bracers of healing with Gleaming Earthen Bracers. Not a bad loot grab for the run.

The run itself was a lot of fun. We wiped twice. I died about 5 times. After a few runs like this, I won’t be a drag on the team. Chain heal was really effective on this run. I was (as usual) under-geared for a speed run, but I still was a close second in healing. I may have taken the top spot except that I spent a lot of time dead. Yes I know, healing meters aren’t *the* measure of a man, but they are *a* measure.

May 24, 2008

A more stable home for

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I’ve been running on a server in my office which was connected to a wireless bridge which connected to the wireless router. Well, the bridge occasionally died, which would cause to go off-line. This morning the bridge finally gave up the ghost, so I moved the server down the hall to my closet and attached it via a real network cable to the router. Hopefully, the long outages are a thing of the past. If I were more interested in uptime, I’d go get a UPS for the occasional brownouts that happen here. This blog is just a hobby though, so no such luck.

For those that are interested, the “server” is a micro-itx motherboard with a 1.5 ghz c7 via chip in a case the size of a shoe box. It has 1 gig of memory. It is a quiet server or my wife wouldn’t allow it in the bedroom. This server is perfect for my experiments in web technologies if I can ever break myself away from World of Warcraft.

May 18, 2008

First Raid on this Server

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After a long day of work, I logged on to do some AH, banking, and maybe some fishing. Seconds after I logged on, I got a raid invite and a whisper from a friend asking if I could heal a quick raid. Well, It’s not what I planned, but it was more fun then fishing.

After one wipe, we took down Maggatheridon. Recount says I was #3 in healing, and #8 in over healing. I think that’s pretty good for my first raid with these folks. I used a flask of restoration, and superior mana oil as primary consumables since I’m a little light on mp4. It worked like a charm. I had no mana issues. I got no drops, but I got my 3 badges, and a 20g share of the loot to cover repairs. It was a fun run. This is a fairly straightforward fight, so all I had to do was heal and pay attention to the Dangerous Bosses warnings.

May 17, 2008

I hate basketball

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One my employer’s clients is NBA. It’s playoff season and I’ve been almost completely absorbed in work. I transfered my shaman to perenolde in hopes of getting some raiding done, but I’ve had the bad luck of having a playoff game to deal with every time a raid night comes around. Fortunately, the guild seems understanding so far, and I hope that soon, I’ll be helping them progress with my mediocre healing skills.

I still have a couple of rep grinds to finish which require runs in the tempest keep five-mans and shattered halls. Being an alchemist, there are other grinds I’d like to get done for recipes, but those are low on my list.

May 5, 2008

Investigating other WoW servers.

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All of the characters I’ve made to date have been on servers which are new as of Burning Crusade. Last week, I made a character (Shaman of course) on an original server. Even at level 18, can see some striking differences. The economy is very different. At level 18, I have 30 gold. That’s pretty good compared to Velen and Hydraxis. The difference is that raw materials sell on AH for a lot more. I’ll bet when I’m tired of farming, this cost difference will come back to bite me.

This time around, I’ll be leveling to level 41 or 42 as an elemental shaman. With more efficient and damaging spells, I expect leveling at this stage to be faster then enhancement.

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