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August 28, 2008

Paladin leveling

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My dwarf paladin is level 50. I tried an AoE protection spec. It was fun for a while, but questing was difficult. The main problems are casters and runners. Casters just seemed to eat me up and took a long time to die compared to running as ret. The prot mitigation seems to do no good against casterrs. There are some talents for that, and when I start tanking at 70, I’ll probably look into them. Runners always seemed to bring more adds, which is fine at first, but my poor paladin would get pretty worn down after the second or third group of adds. My conclusion is that retribution spec and questing is the most efficient way to level a paladin. Even as ret, I can still grab two or three melee mobs, use consecrate and retribution aura and wear them down. That’s enough AoE for now.

August 20, 2008

UI Spring Cleaning

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I’ve been trying to get my UI in World of Warcraft as clean as possible. I motivated to do this for a several reasons.

  • I like to be able to see the world without a lot of gunk in the way.
  • A clean UI loads faster.
  • I’m slow an I can’t deal with a lot of information flying at me, especially if there are redundant sources of info.

Here is a picture of my current UI which is mostly clean, but I think I can do better:

I use CT_Mod for the buff box, bars, and hiding some elements like the arrows on chat among other things. Titan Panel displays a thin ribbon of information along the top. I use grid and clique to manage frames. Grid is the little grey box with the blue rectangle in it. As people join your party or raid it expands to fit the number of people who have joined. The two small vertical bars in the lower right are TotemTimers. It’s a great addon for Shaman, but it looks a little cluttered. I hide some elements like th e player and party frames with a macro. Wowwiki was the source of the commands I used.

There are some other improvements to be made. The CT and auctioneer buttons on the minimap can be removed. I’ve read that I can remove the location bar on the minimap (titan panel shows the location already). I can probably hide the reputation bar since I’m only interested in it once in a while, and I can go to the rep screen for that info. I’m looking for a better buff mod, and maybe a cleaner minimap.

August 13, 2008

Another Milestone

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Ve, my resto shaman finally crossed the +2000 healing mark after a visit to Kara. The shield finally dropped, as well as the Stainless Steel Cloak. I have one blue piece left, my Void Slayer’s Tunic. I have 33 badges. Maybe I’ll try to save up 100 for the Wave of Life Chestguard.

I’ve been paying some attention to my low mp5 rating, but I find that I can just down-rank. I heal well enough, and I don’t generally run low on mana. My Alchemist’s stone helps a lot. For me, it’s about equivalent to 35 or so mp5. I’m beginning to wonder whether mp5 is overrated. I’ve never had a ton of mp5 and I’ve always been able to heal adequately if I’m careful.

August 11, 2008

The Not So Sad Paladin

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My paladin leveling is going well. Fah is at level 42. I’m leveling in the retribution tree. I am considering testing out a protection build for AOE/multi-mob leveling. I don’t expect protection to be any better then retribution for leveling, but I’ll give it a shot and post my thoughts. My current build is here. The protection build I’m considering is here. The only purpose for this build is AOE grinding. It doesn’t have the nice threat skills needed for effective tanking.

August 8, 2008

One in Forty.

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My sister recently transferred her character to Perenolde. We had done about 3 weeks of arenas back on Velen, and hadn’t won a single match. We were looking forward to ten more losses this week. I’m better geared then I was back on Velen, so I managed to stay alive longer in most cases, but we still lost our first nine matches.

Our tenth match was against a warrior/hunter team. I ran out to the middle hoping to dance around the sarcophagus in the middle, but as usual, the warrior intercepted and stunned me. The good news was that a second warrior wasn’t there to apply a second stun, so I got my big self-heal off. My sister pounced from stealth and while the warrior was beating on me, she was beating on the warrior. The hunter fired on my sister instead of me. My sister died. I got in a frost shock on the warrior to almost finish him off. It looks like he died from a bleed that my sister applied before she expired. It was then just me and the hunter.

I can’t out damage a hunter at range, so I had to close with her. She seemed to use all of those nasty tricks to keep me away. Scatter shot, trap, concussive shot… I just kept self healing with LHW and applying frost shock. I also used poison cleanse totem a lot to remove stings and mitigate those darn snake traps. After a fairly long battle, the hunter finally went down. Here’s the image of the finish (names censored to protect the innocent:

As you can see, my sister was providing useful commentary. I didn’t notice this during the match because I completely ignore chat when I’m involved in combat.

What are the morals of this story?

  • For a resto shaman to have any chance against a hunter, you have to get right in the hunter’s grill. Do this any way you can. Frost shock and Earthbind totem help.
  • Poison cleanse is very useful against hunters.
  • Keep that low rank earth shield up so that the pet can help heal you.
  • Save your pvp trinket for the freezing trap.

I also made many mistakes that made the battle last longer. I didn’t have a macro for nature’s swiftness/lightning bolt. That would have been helpful for doing a big chunk of damage. I didn’t use a searing totem. The damage from those adds up, and I completely forgot it. I didn’t use line of sight to keep the hunter close. I just ran after her. Using line of sight would have given me time to drop more totems and keep myself healed.

August 3, 2008

The Sad Paladin

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Fah, my dwarven paladin on Perenolde has been neglected for a long time. Our guild seems to be taking a break from raiding, so in preparation for Wrath of the Lich King, I am going to level Fah up. He’s level 29 right now, and I’m looking forward to getting my mount and starting the leveling process in earnest. Paladins play completely different from other characters I’ve played extensively. Hunters and shaman both have an array of ranged attacks. Paladins (at least at level 29) have the body pull. I considered getting engineering for the bombs, but I really want to keep 2 gathering professions for the money they produce.

What do I like about paladins? The Hammer of Justice is nice to interrupt and CC for a few seconds. The bubble is great for a pinch. I like the melee focus combined with magic to take down enemies. Some folks say paladins level slowly, but I haven’t noticed any significant problems in my questing.

What don’t I like about paladins? The mana efficiency is not wonderful yet. I keep Blessing of Wisdom up, and I actively search for mp5 gear so that I don’t have to drink after every monster. The lack of a ranged attack is like a missing hand to me since I’ve played mostly range based characters. Later, there are some options for ranged attacks that I’ll look into.

I’ll post some macros and more thoughts on the paladin class as I get used to it.

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