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November 29, 2008

Resto Shaman Pre-Raid Gear WotLK

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Below is a quick list of items, enchantments, and enhancements on my shopping list as an aspiring restoration shaman healer. I am probably missing some items, and I am probably making some old school assumptions about shaman healing, like mp5 is important. There is a savage ringmail PvP set I don’t list here which seems adequate for heroics and starting at raiding. Under enchants for boots, I am probably going to pick whichever of the listed ones is easiest to get. None are primary stats for healers in this slot.

Lordaeron’s Resolve revered_vanguard

Totemic Purification Rod revered_kalu’ak
Gavel of the Brewing Storm revered_wyrmrest

Twisted Puzzle-Ring world_drop ring
Ring of the Northern Winds storm_peaks_quest
Newt-Eye Ring icecrown_quest
Amberglow Signet storm_peaks_quest
Kurzel’s Angst search_and_rescue

Choker of Binding sholazar_basin_quest
Amulet of the Crusade icecrown_quest
Blood Sun Necklace jewelcrafting

Arcane Revitalizer venture_coins
Mercurial Alchemist Stone alchemy

Totem of the Bay venture_coins

Battle Mender’s Helm revered_argent_crusade
Sharkjaw Cap revered_oracles
Stormhide Crown leatherworking

Cuttlefish Tooth Ringmail revered_kalu’ak
Stormhide Hauberk leatherworking

The Darkspeaker’s Sabatons icecrown_quest
Stormhide Stompers leatherworking
Scaled Icewalkers leatherworking

Grips of the Warming Heart world_drop
Stormhide Grips leatherworking
Gauntlets of the Windreacher storm_peaks_quest
Grips of Fierce Pronouncements exalted_wyrmrest

Wrynn’s Leggings of Valor dragonblight_end_quest
Stormhide Legguards leatherworking
Scavenged Feathery Leggings revered_frenzyheart

Stormhide Shoulders leatherworking
Shoulders of the Seducer drak’tharon_quest
Giant Champion’s Spaulders icecrown_quest

Stormhide Belt leatherworking
Shock-Inducing Girdle world_drop
Chained Belt of Remembrance icecrown_quest

Stormhide Wristguards leatherworking
Bracers of Sizzling Heat world_drop
Accused Wristguards drak’tharon_quest

Enchant Chest – Greater Mana Restoration
Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats
Enchant Cloak – Wisdom
Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality
Enchant Boots – Greater Fortitude
Enchant Boots – Icewalker (crit and hit)
Enchant Boots – Greater Vitality (at anja’s suggestion. See comments).
Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower
Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower
Enchant Weapon – Exceptional Spellpower
Enchant Shield – Greater Intellect

Sapphire Spellthread legs
Azure Spellthread legs
Arcanum of Blissful Mending revered_wyrmrest head_enchant
Lesser Inscription of the Crag revered_sons_of_hodir shoulder_enchant
Greater Inscription of the Crag exalted_sons_of_hodir shoulder_enchant

November 25, 2008

The march to the end game.

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I reached level 75 this weekend. There are several members of the guild who are already at 80, so it looks like they will be starting raids as I reach 80. That’s nice, but I’ll be in a hurry to gear up. It looks like I’ll be most interested in Wyrmrest Accord and Kalu’ak rep for gear. The healing stats I need to look at going into naxx are: spell power, mp5, spell crit, int, and stamina. I’ll work out the numbers I expect to hit when I get closer.

What’s my impression of the expansion so far? Being from a Scandinavian background, the whole area appeals to me. Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord were a lot of fun. Dragonblight is darker (of course), but the quests are varied and mostly fun. The new vehicle quests are a nice diversion from killing and collecting stuff. I’ve actually done the group quests since there are always folks waiting to kill those elites. I assume as people hit 80, it will be harder to find groups for those. So far, the healing loot hasn’t compared favorably to the kara/za/badge gear that I already have, but it’s now getting close.

Here is a tip by the way to tag mobs when AoE classes are around doing that ridiculous AoE spam. I think this only works for casters, but maybe melee types have some comparable abilities they can experiment with. Bind some instant damage spell or ability (preferably ranged) to a hot key. When you expect the mob to spawn, hit the tab key and the instant damage key in quick succession over and over. When the mob spawns, you have a great chance of tagging it. With AoE around, I can tag the mob about 60% of the time. Be sure when you hit tab, you aren’t targeting some other mob that is in range of your damage spell.

November 19, 2008

The Rush to Level 80

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Our guild is very active these days on perenolde. Everyone is in a rush to get to level 80 and see the raid content. The fact that the raids have a 10 man and a 25 man mode is nice. I’ll be leveling my shaman first. I switched to enhancement, which I had no good gear for. Now I look like a clown in my greens and a couple of blues.

I’m getting used to dropping a different set of totems. When there are enough mobs to make it worthwhile, I drop Strength of Earth, Windfury, and Mana Spring. I keep Windfury weapon on my weapons now that the totem and weapon enchant stack.

My current attack rotation probably needs work, but here it is:

  1. Turn on auto-attack
  2. Lightning Bolt (maybe)
  3. Flame shock
  4. close with mob
  5. storm strike if windfury is not up.
  6. lava lash
  7. continue stormstrike/lava lash rotation.
  8. Whenever maelstrom weapon is up, use lightning or healing wave depending on need.
  9. keep water shield up.

The stats that I look for on gear are in this order:

  1. Agility
  2. Intelligence (only a slight preference for agility)
  3. Attack Power
  4. strength
  5. Crit

This is only for leveling. I pay very little attention to Stamina although a lot of northrend gear seems to have it. I am trying to do as much damage as possible with the least downtime possible. Stamina adds hitpoints, but with instant Healing Wave every time maelstrom weapon is up, I haven’t seen a lack of stamina slow me down.

A Quick Note About Eve-Online

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In my last post, I made it seem like Eve-Online has nothing going for it. In fact, it’s a neat game with some good ideas and good features.

  • Great graphics
  • You have the freedom do do as you please and take up any employment you want. The deep occupations make this much more compelling then WoW skills.
  • The lack of character classes means you’re free to advance your character in any direction that makes you happy. You’re not stuck with a level “70 dwarf hunter” unless you reroll.
  • I like sci-fi games.

All that said, I prefer WoW for the reasons stated in my last post, but I’ll probably go take a peek at Eve from time to time to see if I should switch. There isn’t enough time in the day to play both games for me.

November 11, 2008

Going Back to WoW

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Well, eve-online is an interesting game, but having no friends who play makes it seem a little empty. That’s my main reason for going back to WoW, but there are a few others:

  • The interface is a bit clunky. There are very few opportunities for keyboard shortcuts as far as I can tell. There are no obvious ways to make macros. The in-game browser feels like the old Mosaic browser. Window resizing and column resizing works in strange ways.
  • Maintenance every day is a pain even though it’s short. I’m a morning person, so this effects me more then some.
  • The level grind is replaced by an ISK/materials grind, and a lot of waiting for skills to improve.

Sadly, I tried to login to WoW for the first time in a while and after a long patch download, there is an “extended maintenance” due to mailbox corruption. Well, hopefully things will settle down after Wrath releases.

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