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March 31, 2009

Life in EVE-Online

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Wow, it has been more then a month since my last update. I let my subscription to WoW slide. I’ll probably re-enable it after the patch with a game card to check out the new content. In the meantime, I’m playing EVE-Online.

There seems to be an influx of new players, which is nice. I’m a little appalled at how they are treated sometimes, but I have to remember that this is EVE. Near the major newbie hubs, one can find lots of cans labeled, “free drones”, or “free newbie gear”. If you’re a newbie, don’t open these cans unless you’re looking for a fight. It’s considered stealing, and the owner has kill rights on you if you take from the can. If you’re in Arnon doing the Epic Arc, be careful where you buy your skill books. The closest dealer is in low sec and there seem to be a lot of pirates there hunting new players. Synchelle is a good place 5 jumps away to buy your books.

As long as I can afford it, I’m going to run 2 characters now. One will do mining/industry/hauling, and the other (my main) will focus on combat and exploration skills. My main will get some basic hauling skills for those times when I want to mine (probably pretty rare).

My corp is moving out into 0.0 space. It’s angel space, and I’ll probably try ratting. I’ll be moving an assault frigate and a mining barge out there. Eventually, my mining alt will join the corp and work in the 0.0 mining ops.

After a long missioning grind which earned about 150 million ISK, I can now use Jump clones with Chemal Tech. My corp was working toward this before we joined an alliance. I finished the work for my own jump clone access, but the corp still doesn’t have the standings to get access for everyone. If you’re new, I suggest getting a jump clone as a long term goal. They are very useful for long trips and protecting your expensive implants. Chemal Tech is a good corp to get JC’s with as they seem to have stations almost everywhere with clone facilities. I’m sure the other factions (outside Gallente) have similar corps with lots of clone facilities.

Next time, I’ll write on my newbie experiences getting to and living in 0.0. I’ll probably also write an article on EVE tricks and tips at some point.

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