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June 13, 2009

AFK missioning

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Well, not really. Today, I got two of the harder level 4 missions; The Blockade (Serpentis), and Angel Extravaganza. Neither were particularly hard. I had to turn on both armor reppers once during Blockade, but not at all during Extravaganza. I need to start making notes about where I need one or two reppers so I can swap in a damage mod or something. That is the problem with me doing level 4’s. I don’t do enough damage to make it efficient. That will change over time, I’m sure. Currently, I’m training for tech 2 sentry drones. The increase in damage should be about 20%. After that, I’ll be train for tech 2 heavy drones. From there, it’s on to gunnery support skills. By early september, I should be producing about 40 to 50% more DPS all around.

Now that I’m hitting the skills which take 20+ days to complete, it’s hard for me to keep my discipline. Watching skills complete fast is part of the fun of the game for me. I’ll console myself with the fact that after I can produce 50% more damage, I’ll allow myself to train for a HAC. That’s a nice goal.

June 12, 2009

Another try at 0.0

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Our alliance’s last attempt to find a home in 0.0 was unsuccessful. We had made arrangements with United Legion to live and defend a system in Immensea. After a couple of weeks, we left in haste. I don’t understand the reasons, but it looks like something much bigger was going on. Take a look at this small area of the Automatic Influence Map.
See more on my alliance’s past and present 0.0 ventures…

June 8, 2009

… leads to unknown space

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I found myself in a no implant clone this weekend after some um…. asset cleanup in 0.0. I was taking a break from missions by doing some exploration scanning when I came across a wormhole to w-space. Usually, I pass these by, but yesterday I decided to go on in. The worst that could happen is that I’d lose my covert ops ship.

Once inside, I immediately made my first mistake. I warped off to a close by celestial object without bookmarking the exit. Fortunately, I didn’t travel far, so I quickly scanned down the exit and bookmarked it. I then proceeded to scan down a couple of sites. I found a site with huge lo-sec asteroids. Sadly, I didn’t have a survey scanner, so I couldn’t tell how big they really were. I also found some combat sites that I didn’t approach as I had no weapons except for one lonely hobgoblin II. One other person was coming out of the WH as I was going in but other then that, I didn’t encounter anyone.

The corp I’m with is in the early execution stage of living in a wormhole. Now that I know how to basically function in w-space, I’ll probably get a ship together and go find our POS. I’ve heard and read that the sleepers are different then other NPC”s. I’ll have to scan down some combat sites and check that out.

June 4, 2009

How Not to Fit a Ship

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I am fond of the Vexor. It’s a good cheap drone boat with a lot of potential for fun. These days, if I’m soloing in dangerous areas or if I’m joining a fleet and they allow cruisers, the first ship I will reach for is a Vexor.

Recently, I was fitting out a Vexor in EFT when I remembered that I had been podded in one a long time ago. In fact, it was the first time I had been podded. I actually remember that fight.
Read about my first terrible Vexor fit, and then a better PvP fit….

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