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October 27, 2009

Runes of Magic After Two Days

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Runes of Magic is as addictive as other MMO’s. It has enough in common with WoW, that it feels familiar, but there are enough differences so it doesn’t feel like a ripoff. I’ve read that it has similarities with Lord of the Rings Online, and other games as well. I can’t speak to that, but I can tell you how it compares to WoW.
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October 25, 2009

Runes of Magic on Ubuntu 9.04

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After a lot of work, I got Runes of Magic to work on Ubuntu. Runes of Magic is a fantasy RPG which plays a lot like WoW to my inexperienced eyes. It’s free to play. Their business model is based around an item shop where you buy extra stuff for real-world currency.
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October 20, 2009

RV Living Part 2

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Five days later, I don’t regret buying the Orca. I notice my habits changing though. I am more willing to keep stuff since there is a much higher limit to the stuff I can move around.
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October 15, 2009

RV Living

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I spent almost all of the ISK I had to buy and insure an Orca. My two characters are now living out of the Orca. The way I use it now is to park the Orca near a planet cloaked while my combat character goes out and finds exploration sites. I then switch and fit ships with the maintenance bay to handle actually going into the sites.
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October 10, 2009

John the Plumber

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I bought my wife a new stove, a new dish washer (the old one broke), and a new fan over the stove for our anniversary. Before you tell me what a cad I am, I’ll have you know that she asked for them. She practically dragged me to the store to have some input in the appliances that she had already picked out. They were nice. We cheaped out and decided to install them ourselves (myself actually).
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October 9, 2009

Invention Skills

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Just a short post. To start research, you only need to have one of the skills at level 1 that the research agent covers. For example, if your agent has Gallente Starship Engineering 4 and Plasma Physics 4, then you need one of those at level 1 to start research. Of course, you can only start research in areas where you are skilled and the agent covers.

October 8, 2009

Eve-Online Research Agents

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I’ve mentioned before that I plan to try my hand at invention. I have some skill work to do before I’ll be efficient at invention, but I can still get the ball rolling by signing up with a research agent. I chose Roden Shipyards for my first invention corp because I already had 5.6 standing with them. The other corps (Duvolle Labs and Creodon) would require a lot of standings grinding to get the good agents.
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Eve Online In-game Browser under linux

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Ever since upgrading my laptop to 64 bit Ubuntu 9.04, the in-game browser in Eve stopped working. This was mostly an annoyance, so I never took the time to try to fix it. It turns out that in my case, the fix is easy and it’s actually part of the wine FAQ. The problem is that wine wasn’t resolving hostnames properly. The fix for 64 bit Ubuntu users and possibly other 64 bit linux users is to install the “lib32nss-mdns” pachage. It may be named differently for other distributions. Here’s the command I ran:

sudo apt-get install lib32nss-mdns

The next time I started Eve, the IGB worked fine.

October 6, 2009

What Should I Mine?

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I really don’t like mining, but on occasion I do if I can’t pay complete attention to EVE. With the fluctuating prices in ore these days, it’s hard to tell what will be most efficient to mine. Deep in Halada’s guide, there is a link to the Ore Table at Cerlestes. It gives average prices of the various ores by the can. If you’re too lazy to do your own research, like me (when it comes to mining). This may be a good resource for you.

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