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December 27, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10, Pulseaudio, and Wine

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This will be a short post about getting Wine and pulseaudio to work together on Ubuntu. Pulseaudio is a sound system which aims to consolidate all of the various sound interfaces into one generalized interface. I’ve never paid much attention to pulseaudio except to be annoyed when it doesn’t work and rip it out. Ubuntu 9.10 makes this harder since the ubuntu-desktop package depends on it.
Getting Wine to play nice with Pulseaudio

My New Christmas Toy

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This year for Christmas, my wife got me an Acer Aspire AS8940G-6865. I immediately set about installing Ubuntu 9.10 and all of my games.
Read more about Ubuntu on an Acer AS8940G

December 7, 2009

Steps Closer to mod_js for Apache

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I started out thinking that I’d learn JavaScript so that I could make AJAX games. I am ending up in the land of C programming while trying to get a functional mod_js running.
Holy crap! mod_js!

Toward Server-side JavaScript in Apache.

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I’ve always wondered why no one ever created a JavaScript module for apache. Many other languages have apache bindings, but not JavaScript. Being able to program in the same language client-side and server-side would seem to be desirable.
Read on about server-side JavaScript

December 6, 2009

I don’t have ADD, I really don’t!

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The other day I got home, finished dinner, and rushed to my office to play either Perfect World or Runes of Magic. After sitting there for a few minutes, I couldn’t log in. There was no problem with my account. My brain was refusing to allow me to play. I haven’t logged in for more then 2 minutes since then. I now seem to have some spare time. Some will be used for my wife and some, I’ll use to finally learn javascript and maybe finish that mod_js project I started working on before I got lost in MMO-land. Some day (maybe soon) I’ll probably get back to MMO’s, but for now, I’m burned out on them and I should do something else.

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