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April 24, 2010

EVE Choosing a mission ship

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These days, I spend my time in EVE jump cloning between my hi-sec mission hub to make money, and the alliance home in Syndicate. Syndicate isn’t a money losing place to live, but with my skills, it can’t compare to a nice hi-sec mission hub for money. While cranking out level 4 missions in Gallente space, I’ve been thinking about my setup, my skills, and the fastest way to clean out these level 4’s solo.
Level 4 Mission Ships

April 11, 2010

EVE and Traveling in 0.0

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I’m mostly settled in to my new home in Syndicate region. This area is a bit of a no-man’s land. One of the things I’ve noticed while looking at the DOTLAN maps and watching the corp chat is that many people die needlessly in lo-sec and 0.0.

Travel in 0.0

April 7, 2010

Syndicate… again.

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My main character has moved on to a new corp. How it happened was a little odd. I had an evemail chat with my boss about the activity level and current plans. He encouraged me to chat with an acquaintance of his and maybe join their company if it is a good fit. He also asked me to report back about my experiences. I think he has an eye toward either merging or joining their alliance. My industry alt is still in my old corp. If I like the new corp, I’ll move him.

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