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May 29, 2010

Old Skills, New Skills, ISK efficiency

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There are 5 new skills for planetary interaction: Remote Sensing, Planetology, Advanced Planetology, Command Center Upgrades, and Interplanetary consolidation. The whole pile costs less then 10M and it should take just a few days to train into all of them. I’ve got my industry alt on that. It looks like it could provide a semi-passive income flow. If it’s reasonably profitable, I’ll train them up on my combat character too… Maybe I’ll train some PI alts if it’s good enough.
Old skills and making more money

May 25, 2010

EVE. A Look at Strategic Cruisers

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When Strategic Cruisers were first introduced last year, I ignored them. The cost was prohibitive (800M just for the hull, billions with the subsystems) and my dominix was great for my uses at the time. As time passes, the cost of these cruisers has fallen a lot and I have different needs. My spending power has also gone up.
Why would I want a T3 cruiser?

Back From Vacation

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Alaska was great. I highly recommend visiting some time in your life. In our case, my wife and I took a cruise through the inside passage. I won’t go into any great detail, but the wildlife, glaciers, and the rustic towns are a lot of fun. Driving up into Yukon from Skagway was interesting. I’d never seen a tundra before.

May 2, 2010

EVE: Anomalies in 0.0

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When I wrote my last post about missioning in hi-sec making more then stuff I could do in 0.0, I was probably incorrect. I’ve been running anomalies Syndicate, and even in my Ishkur, I make as much or more ISK per hour then running missions in hi-sec. Also of note, you can run combat missions in NPC space. The awards (LP and ISK) are about 60% – 80% higher then hi-sec. I believe even the courier missions are worthwhile in 0.0.
How I run Anomalies

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