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September 27, 2010

LotRO Leveling a “healer

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It’s a little odd trying to quest in Lord of the Rings Online for me. The epic quest seems to demand urgency, but the quests ramp up pretty quickly. While doing the epic quest, you come across tons (and I mean tons… at least up to level 20) of side quests to help this person move goods here, or help that person avenge the death of his whatever.
The Levelling Surprise

LOTRO and Civilization V on linux.

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I’ve abandoned Runes of Magic for a while to try Lord of the Rings Online and Civilization V. They both work under the latest wine (1.3.3 currently) on Ubuntu linux.
Getting LOTRO and Civilization V working under wine

September 16, 2010

RoM: The Rush to Endgame

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Oh wow, I haven’t posted here in a while. I guess I should get crackin’ then. I’ve managed to level my Mage/Priest in Runes of Magic to level’s 55/45. I’m working on getting the mage side to 60, then I’ll do the final push to 50+ for the priest side. I’m already looking for good healing gear as I really prefer to heal in instances.
End game, here I come

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