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June 26, 2011

RoR in place of WoW

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I have dropped out of WoW again. I logged in one day, and I couldn’t bring myself to do anything more then spin my character at the selection screen. After trying EVE again for a couple of days (there was a 5 day free account reactivation), I decided on trying to put together a web application idea that has been kicking around among my friends for a while.

June 4, 2011

Ubuntu and the Asus G73SW-A2

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My wife was kind enough to let me go purchase a new laptop. I chose the Asus G73SW-A2. Aside from games, I’m doing a lot of work with virtualization, and the 16GB of RAM will make this easier. I got the laptop on Amazon for about $2000 plus shipping. It’s a great value.
Ubuntu on a new Asus Laptop

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