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March 25, 2012

filters with ngspice

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I’m learning about RF filters, which is a lot of fun, but it’s math intensive (at least for me it is). I’m trying to work with the gEDA tools like gschem and gattrib along with ngspice so I can simulate circuits before I put them together.
gEDA and ngspice together forever

March 23, 2012

The Package Has Arrived! (Spectrum Analyzer)

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Actually two packages arrived. I received a bunch of toroids and balun cores from the Toroid King. They seem to have the least expensive toroids around. I look forward to making lots of filters and oscillators with the contents of that package. The star of the show though was my new Atten AT6011 spectrum analyser.
AT6011 review

March 19, 2012

RF Electronics Studies

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I had to set aside Experimental Methods in RF Design recently in the middle of chapter two because I needed a refresher in some basic RF electronics. Well, after some external study with the ARRL Handbook, I’m back to plowing through EMRFD. The content is very worthwhile. I’m having some trouble with the typography, but nothing that can’t be figured out. I’ve been experimenting with filters and amplifiers while reading and I’ve been wanting a spectrum analyser to get a better picture of how they work over frequency ranges. Well, my wife agreed to let me plunk down some coin on a new Atten AT6011 spectrum analyser. I hope to receive it this week or next from California. After I get to know it, I’ll write up a review since I haven’t seen a good one online.

March 14, 2012

Star Trek Online

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There are better reviews of STO, but I figured I’d throw in my two cents. STO is a lot of fun. The Free to Play option is serviceable but restricted of course. If you’ve thought about playing, I can give one great reason to give it a go. The “2800” series of episodes (like an epic arc/story line) is a ton of fun. It’s fast paced and moderately challenging. It feels pretty epic. You can pick up the “bread crumb” quest once you reach level 9 called “second wave”.  Once I finally got around to travelling to Deep Space 9, it took about two evenings to run through the episodes.

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