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June 1, 2012

Many Upgrades to Ubuntu 12.04

Filed under: System Administration — Cranky Sysadmin @ 6:28 pm

On the desktop, I’ve migrated from ubuntu 11.04 to xubuntu 12.04. It was relatively pain free. Unity isn’t my first choice of desktop, and XFCE reminds me of CDE, so I like it. I still can’t compile a custom wine on a 64 bit system, but the packaged wine is good enough for now. At my place of employment, we’ve been moving servers from 10.10 to 12.04. Where we upgrade, there are various unrepeatable problems from one server to another similar server. Most of the “upgrades” have been a swap out of an old instance for a new, which goes better. We’ve encountered problems with the database migration and with openssl/libssl. It reminds me why I like RedHat/CentOS on the server side.

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