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October 28, 2012

How to Find Good Junk

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I recently picked up two pieces of imaging equipment from the early nineties. My aim was to salvage parts from them. I picked up both pieces for $15, so it’s not the end of the world if I’m disappointed. One of the boxes was a “infrared imaging” system built by an engineering company. It was a rack mount device and was ugly. The other box was a “color video printer”. It looks like a piece of expensive consumer electronics.
Salvage from two imaging systems

October 27, 2012

What’s an FPGA and Why Would I Want One?

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I recently became interested in FPGA’s because I want to continue my learning about digital electronics. It turns out that there are more reasons to like FPGA’s though. An FPGA is a “Field Programmable Gate Array”. Basically, you can program an FPGA to be whatever digital circuit you want. There aren’t any analog components in an FPGA (as far as I know), so you’ll probably still have some work outside the FPGA to interface with the real world.
Read on for more on FPGA’s

October 18, 2012

Xilinx ISE 14.2 on Ubuntu 12.04

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I’ve been getting familiar with FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Array). In one sentence, they are a chip that you program what to be instead of what to do. I bought a Papilio One FPGA development board and a LogicStart daughter card (called a megawing) so I could get started learning. Go to GadgetFactory if you’re interested. One of the first steps on the computer is installing Xilinx ISE so I can program the FPGA. I transcribed my scrawled note after the fold.
The pain of Xilinx ISE on Ubuntu

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