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May 27, 2013

A Field Day Antenna for 80 meters (I hope) pt.1

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I spent this weekend starting work on an 80 meter antenna. The design is pretty pedestrian, but I’m hoping for acceptable performance. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get the antenna onto 160 meters with reduced performance.
A boring short vertical

May 11, 2013

Abandoning Antenna Analyzers. Moving on to Antennas.

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After learning a lot about antenna analyzers over the past few months, but not actually building a portable functional model, I settled on a very simple antenna analyzer based on the 74HC4046 pll chip. There are several designs that use this chip. I decided to combine the dual range vco from PE2ER’s design and the simple output from the tenna dipper. I thought this was novel, but of course someone has already done it and called it the deluxe tenna dipper. The schematic is so close to mine that I don’t care to post mine here. After all this work though, I found an MFJ-259b for sale at near-fest. It was a great deal, so I took a chance.
Onward to Antennas

May 1, 2013

But Morse Code is Dead

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I’ve been building QRP radios for other folks who use Morse Code. It seems that in the process, I’ve contracted the desire to learn Morse Code myself. As time permits, I’m attempting to use LCWO. I like the site a lot. The application includes sufficient statistics, a clean simple interface, and a lot of options to change if you so desire. The site doesn’t include ads, which is nice, but ads wouldn’t dissuade me from using the site.

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