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December 12, 2017

You Blink and You Miss it. (Rust on Microcontrollers)

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I looked away from rust for about a year and a half because I couldn’t find tools for my embedded projects. In that time, it seems like I missed a lot. Rust on ARM Cortex-m looks pretty mature, with a fair amount of tooling. This video covers the highlights, and the presenter’s blog has more info (and some general embedded advice as well). A search for cortex, f3, f4, or arm on produces a lot of promising results. I need to play fewer video games and pay more attention!

December 8, 2017

Rust for Microcontrollers

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When I started looking at Rust, I liked the fact that it claims to be a memory safe language with no garbage collector. I thought this would be great for microcontrollers. Sadly, at that time there weren’t any microcontroller targets easily available. Things seem to have changed a lot. I’m aware of 3 microcontroller targets available for rust:

  • AVR-Rust which is a functional but early port of rust for Atmel AVR controllers. I’ve been working on some basic examples similar to the basic arduino demos.
  • Rust for Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers. The most polished process is documented here.
  • There is also a crate and some language support for MSP430. There is an issue to track problems with the port.

I’m neither a rust expert, not a microcontroller expert, so I’ve spent a lot of time catching up. Most of my effort has been put toward understanding the AVR-Rust system. It has been fun but I haven’t produced anything noteworthy yet.

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