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February 8, 2010

Dragon Age on Ubuntu

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Just a quick note. After a lot of puttering around destroying my current wine settings, I finally got Dragon Age running…. by following the instructions… The only thing I had to add was dotnet 2.0 so the module loader would work. I’m using wine 1.1.38 with the pulseaudio patches (pulseaudio is not needed). If you try to get Dragon Age running, I suggest using a different WINE_PREFIX as many settings are incompatible with other game settings.

December 27, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10, Pulseaudio, and Wine

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This will be a short post about getting Wine and pulseaudio to work together on Ubuntu. Pulseaudio is a sound system which aims to consolidate all of the various sound interfaces into one generalized interface. I’ve never paid much attention to pulseaudio except to be annoyed when it doesn’t work and rip it out. Ubuntu 9.10 makes this harder since the ubuntu-desktop package depends on it.
Getting Wine to play nice with Pulseaudio

My New Christmas Toy

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This year for Christmas, my wife got me an Acer Aspire AS8940G-6865. I immediately set about installing Ubuntu 9.10 and all of my games.
Read more about Ubuntu on an Acer AS8940G

December 6, 2009

I don’t have ADD, I really don’t!

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The other day I got home, finished dinner, and rushed to my office to play either Perfect World or Runes of Magic. After sitting there for a few minutes, I couldn’t log in. There was no problem with my account. My brain was refusing to allow me to play. I haven’t logged in for more then 2 minutes since then. I now seem to have some spare time. Some will be used for my wife and some, I’ll use to finally learn javascript and maybe finish that mod_js project I started working on before I got lost in MMO-land. Some day (maybe soon) I’ll probably get back to MMO’s, but for now, I’m burned out on them and I should do something else.

November 30, 2009

Perfect World MMO on Linux

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Perfect World runs without a hitch on my ubuntu laptop. It’s a free to play (with a cash shop) MMO with a base in chinese mythology. The game has a martial arts movie feel to it with unrealistically high jumps and crazy combat sequences. The realm servers all seem pretty active and the people seem friendly and helpful. If you’re interested in an MMO with an eastern feel, Perfect World may be worth a go.

November 9, 2009

How is RoM Different from WoW?

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Below the fold, I will be talking about the Runes of Magic dual class system, the item shop, and housing. These are things which are different or missing in WoW. I won’t talk much about upgrading weapons, which is entirely different then WoW because I haven’t tried it yet.
The Fold (read on)

November 4, 2009

Runes of Magic is Still Interesting

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Now that I’ve been playing Runes of Magic for a while, I figured I’d share my thoughts about the game so far. Currently, I am leveling a Mage/Priest (mage 20, priest 15). When the mage is the primary class, I do an amazing amount of damage. The priest side does less damage, but feels more survivable.
Why am I still playing RoM?

October 27, 2009

Runes of Magic After Two Days

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Runes of Magic is as addictive as other MMO’s. It has enough in common with WoW, that it feels familiar, but there are enough differences so it doesn’t feel like a ripoff. I’ve read that it has similarities with Lord of the Rings Online, and other games as well. I can’t speak to that, but I can tell you how it compares to WoW.
See My Opinions about RoM

October 25, 2009

Runes of Magic on Ubuntu 9.04

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After a lot of work, I got Runes of Magic to work on Ubuntu. Runes of Magic is a fantasy RPG which plays a lot like WoW to my inexperienced eyes. It’s free to play. Their business model is based around an item shop where you buy extra stuff for real-world currency.
More on running RoM on Ubuntu

August 17, 2009

Civilization IV on Ubuntu

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Civilization IV seems to work well on wine 1.27 these days. The only addition I had to make was the installation of the MS MXL utilities. I did this with “winetricks msxml3”. Find winetricks by searching on the wine home page. The install was smooth, and the game plays without any obvious anomolies. My only caveat is that I have installed a lot of other libraries, like directX 9 for other games like EVE and oblivion, so your installation may require more steps then mine did.

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