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February 1, 2011

A Nice House in the Shire (LotRO)

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I don’t know what possessed me, but yesterday evening, I plunked down 7 gold and bought a house in the Shire. If you come visit, it’s 6 Myrtle Ct in the Berrybridge neighborhood (Riddermark server). I’ve already filled the house with junk.
LotRO housing

Studying the Turbine Outage

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I wouldn’t have wanted to be an operations guy at Turbine this past weekend. From about 1PM (US/Eastern) to about 8PM, all of the customer facing bits at Turbine were inaccessible as far as I could tell.
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December 17, 2010

LotRO: New Main, the Warden

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As a change of pace, I decided to start leveling a tank character in LotRO. I picked the warden, mostly because the gambit system looked interesting. My poor hobbit minstrel now sits mostly abandoned in Endwaith while I level my new favorite, Ghah the Hobbit Warden o’death.
Oh great, another Warden

December 6, 2010

Crafted by (Insert Name Here)

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I never really made note of it before, but Lord of the Rings Online has what I would call personalized inscriptions when crafting. If you build a product (sword, armor, bow, etc), your name is attached to the item in a “Crafted by XXX” entry. It seems like a small thing, but I know that folks in other games ask for this all the time.
personalized crafting

November 8, 2010

That Which is Measured, Improves.

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I believe the original meaning of this phrase is that most people work to the metric, not the outcome. I plan to use it in the more motivational way. If you measure yourself, you can improve yourself. The game I currently play, Lord of the Rings Online, allows some basic measurements, but it lacks some of the sophistication in self measurement that other games have.
Measuring Performance in LOTRO

October 22, 2010

LotRO Skirmish Soldier: the Warrior

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I’ve been doing a lot of skirmishes lately. My sidekick of choice has been the warrior since Minstrels don’t do a lot of damage, even in war cry mode. I’m at level 39, so my soldier doesn’t get a lot of traits; 2 offensive skills, and 2 miscellaneous skills (defense and buffs mostly) at the moment.
Abusing my poor skirmish soldier

September 27, 2010

LotRO Leveling a “healer

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It’s a little odd trying to quest in Lord of the Rings Online for me. The epic quest seems to demand urgency, but the quests ramp up pretty quickly. While doing the epic quest, you come across tons (and I mean tons… at least up to level 20) of side quests to help this person move goods here, or help that person avenge the death of his whatever.
The Levelling Surprise

LOTRO and Civilization V on linux.

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I’ve abandoned Runes of Magic for a while to try Lord of the Rings Online and Civilization V. They both work under the latest wine (1.3.3 currently) on Ubuntu linux.
Getting LOTRO and Civilization V working under wine

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