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September 16, 2010

RoM: The Rush to Endgame

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Oh wow, I haven’t posted here in a while. I guess I should get crackin’ then. I’ve managed to level my Mage/Priest in Runes of Magic to level’s 55/45. I’m working on getting the mage side to 60, then I’ll do the final push to 50+ for the priest side. I’m already looking for good healing gear as I really prefer to heal in instances.
End game, here I come

August 27, 2010

How to Run Runes of Magic on OSX

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I usually run my games using Wine and Linux, but there are occasions where I want to play RoM on OSX. Here are the general steps I used to get it running on an x86 MacBook.
RoM on OSX

August 25, 2010

Back in Runes of Magic

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After being in the dark, gritty universe of EVE, moving back to Runes of Magic is an interesting experience. The first thing I notice is that I seem to have a pile of gold, a pile of diamonds, and a free skill reset. The second thing I noticed is the company’s (Frogster’s) apparent hostility to scammers. There are still scammers, but not like Jita local.
Traveling Back in Time

November 28, 2009

Leveling in Runes of Magic

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After several weeks of playing RoM, my mage/priest is at levels 40/33. My old strategy was to keep the two class levels even, but I found that I was running out of quests. Besides, while leveling the priest side is fun, it’s noticeably slower then leveling the mage side.
Read on about my new leveling strategy

November 20, 2009

Attribute Runes

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In WoW, one of the ways to permanently enhance your gear is through the use of gems. To “gem” your equipment, you need to have a gem of a particular color, and a matching or compatible socket. The equivelent process in Runes of Magic involves using runes and gear with rune sockets.
Read about combining and using runes

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