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February 18, 2013

HP HEDS-7501 encoder data

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I recently tore down some old controller for an X-ray device that I bought at a surplus shop for $15. I couldn’t find a data sheet for this model, so I derived the pinout from the circuit it was in. The pinout and characteristics that I could figure out follow the fold.

This is an HP rotary encoder with two apparent channels, A and B. It seems to produce pretty standard quadrature encoding. The pinout is:

1) channel b
2) +5v (I supplied voltage here)
3) gnd
4) gnd
5) gnd
6) gnd (use this if you connect no other grounds)
7) ?
8) channel a
9) +5v
10) ?

I can’t get the encoder to work at 3.3v. This is an old encoder, so I’m not surprised. The encoder seems to produce about 256 (+/- 20) pulses per full rotation or 512 changes in channel a. I used one of the example sketches at the arduino playground to test the encoder.

I’ll be using it to build a signal generator once my cheap dds modules from china show up. Stay tuned for that project.

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