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March 19, 2013

SMD Soldering the Barbarian Way

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This is my first attempt at smd soldering since I left the Marine Corps. I’ve done some component removal for my junk box, but that doesn’t count.


The bridge between pins 13 and 14 doesn’t seem to really be a bridge. When I check under better light with magnification, the bridge doesn’t exist. My ohm meter tells me there isn’t a bridge as well.

My method was the “Apply flux and solder and drag the iron across the pins” method. If you’re careful and the board has good solder mask (which this board seems to have), the results are surprisingly good. Next time, I’ll pay more attention to the alignment of the chip on the solder pads.

What is that chip? It’s an AD8302. I will be using it in my antenna analyzer experiments. I bought 10 of them and 10 dip adapters for a total of $25 on ebay. More about this chip later.

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