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June 25, 2013

The Tubes All Light Up. It Must Be A-OK

Filed under: Electronics,ham radio — Cranky Sysadmin @ 7:27 pm

After the great HW-100 conflagration of 2013, I figured I’d proceed with more caution in powering up the radio. I rewired the power cable, then looked over the HW-100. I replaced the electrolytic caps, and I found the source of the loud pop during my initial test. Fortunately, it was just what looked like solder dust on the audio board. I cleaned the boards up as good as I could without tearing it down. I then proceeded to power up with care. All of the tubes light up, and there is no smell of burning electronics. I plugged in a pair of head phones and tuned around. The radio appears to receive on all bands though it seems a little deaf on 20 meters. I am so glad I didn’t burn up anything obvious. Tomorrow, I will start the alignment process.

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