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March 29, 2010

A Cautionary Tale for Hi-sec Travelers in EVE.

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While traveling from Hek to Dodixie in my bestower (industrial tansport ship), I got blown up by someone in a tempest. I had about 250 million ISK of junk in the hold including my trusty Ishtar (119 M in dodixie just for that). It was one shot, one kill. I didn’t see any indication of targeting, so I assume that passive targeting was used. Fortunately, I had just sold off some faction fittings and other valuables while in Hek, so the loss wasn’t the end of the world.

What is the lesson learned here? I should be more careful about the value of cargo I’m carrying in an untanked bestower. If I need to move expensive stuff, I should use my industry alt who can fly more sturdy or cloaked transport ships. This will give me pause if I ever think about getting another orca and using it to haul freight. The orca is sturdier, but they have been ganked in hi-sec before.

What’s interesting to me is my reaction to this compared to my first encounter with the seedier side of EVE. Then, I whined. This time I think, “How do I prevent this in the future”. EVE is after all, a PVP game. I shouldn’t be surprised when someone pops my ship in a place where I don’t expect it.

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