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April 20, 2009

A Three Hour Mission

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I just completed The Assault starring the Serpentis pirates. I used much the same setup I used in the last post for Serpentis Extravaganza. I dropped the afterburner and added a capacitor recharger so that the second armor repairer would run continuously. I guessed I’d need the extra tank, and I was right. Judging from the comments I’ve found online, this is one of the more challenging Serpentis missions. The assault consists of three encounters (rooms) separated by acceleration gates. Only the first room was a challenge. There was a group of four battleships which would occasionally attack my drones. I saved those for last, but maybe I should have taken them out first. Clearing the mission took about 2 hours. I did take a break to loot the first room with a fast ship since I was running over an hour there. Total looting time was about 1 hour. The mission rewarded about 3 million ISK. The bounties were a whopping 21 million ISK. It looks like loot and salvage were about 20 million combined, though I only spent a little time looking at the loot. I now have 7500 m3 (cubic meters) of unsorted loot from several level 4 missions. Soon, I’ll have to make a hauling trip to some market system after I let my corp pick over the goodies.

It’s pretty clear that after I’m done training my tank skills (2 days to Hull Upgrades V and I’m done for now), I’ll have to work on damage output to make the missions faster. I’m already deep into drone skills, so I’ll probably continue dumping skill points there. My skill plan calls for drone skills all of the way out to 19 July. If I pass on tech 2 sentry drones, I’ll be done with drones on 28 June. After my drone training, I’ll have to work on my appalling gunnery skills.

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