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September 28, 2009

Aiming for an Orca

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I’m looking for new things to do in EVE Online and one of the newer features that I have mostly ignored is w-space. W-space is that area beyond wormholes which is full of sleepers, t3 related loot, and great mining areas. One of the problems with w-space is the logistics. Our corp has setup a POS in w-space in the past and will probably do that again. I think the Orca is a good solution for those of us with a more solo attitude.

It turns out that my mining character is about 2 weeks away from piloting an Orca. I’m now pausing my industrial skill climb and switching to training up my last few skills for the Orca.

The Orca has lots of cargo space, especially for ore, but also for general storage. It can fit a cloak to keep it fairly safe in a wh. Most importantly, it has a fair size ship maintenance bay which can store several frigate and cruiser size ships. I’ll probably put 2 scanner ships, a mining barge, and a hac in there, plus a variety of fittings to face whatever may come up.

The Orca should be ideal for a several day venture, but anything longer will probably demand a POS. I hear a HAC can solo most encounters in a class 1 or class 2 wormhole. It’s about time to go find out if this is true.

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