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May 12, 2009

Another New EVE Player.

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Well… potential new EVE player. My sister is trying out the game. It seems to work well for her even on her slow dialup connection. She probably won’t be part of a blob any time soon, so the connection speed probably won’t be a factor. She even travelled to Jita to see if dialup caved in there… It held up well.

It’s interesting to see the learning curve of a new player from this side. If I were one of the game designers, I would take a bunch of noobs who are interested in the game and observe as they stumble their way through the tutorials. I don’t know how to fix it, but the new player experience probably still needs some work. Rookie chat, for instance is almost unusable because of the noise. Maybe it needs to be split up into several pieces.

It’s exciting to see a new player try out the game and look around. At this point, my sister has no clue what profession she wants to follow, so she’s checking them all out. She’ll probably waste spend a million skill points travelling down different skill paths. That’s ok. Those skills may be handy later. I suggested that she do all of the tutorial mission series to get a feel for the different aspects of the game, so she’s going through all of that pain. She picked up the new player guide at BattleClinic. It’s a pretty hefty read. Not much fluff there.

Good luck and fly safe new pilots.

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