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March 19, 2010

Back to Eden

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I’ve gone back to EvE for a while. I dropped off the face of the um… universe when dominion came out, so I missed out on a lot of those changes. Planets are mow actual nice looking spheres instead of discs for instance.

Some of the skill requirements for things like thermodynamics and bomb deployment seem to have been relaxed. I remember spending a lot of training time getting hacking and archaeology and now they are almost free (relatively). The tutorial now includes 2 new agents; an advanced military instructor, and an exploration instructor. Both of them will be helpful to new players.

I think I’ll be looking for a way to get out to 0.0 again. The fleet engagements were fun and I’m curious about the sovereignty changes and system upgrades. The money was better out in lawless land too. Some other portions of the game which I’ve never explored, but which might be fun are hi-sec POS’s, invention and other industry tasks, wormhole colonization, learning how the market works and making money from trading.

Random note #1: My sister got a note from CCP posing as her in-game character. Her character pleaded with her to come back to EvE and use her huge pile of ISK (she’s always been good at acquiring in-game coin) to buy some subscription time via a one day pass. Whoever the marketeer was who thought of this should get a raise.

Random note #2: If you’re playing EvE on linux and you use EVEMon, it looks like you need to install both dotnet2 and the gdipluss.dll. This seems to be a new requirement. EVEMon has gotten a bit of a face lift over the past few months. It looks better, and it seems faster.

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