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July 7, 2009

Cautionary Tales in Kill Mails

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Last night, we had an inter-alliance discussion on PvP ship fittings and fleet tactics. Our new allies in the area were appalled at the ship fittings in our loss mails. They were nice about it, but one could tell that there was some forehead slapping as they read our kill board.

The first part of the meeting was basically picking some bad PvP fits from our kill board and dissecting them. In general, the take aways included the following:

  • Never fit warp core stabalizers to a combat ship. That’s pretty basic, but our loss mails include a couple of these.
  • Think hard before using an active tank in PvP. Energy neutralizers kill active tanks. For armor tankers, armor plates and energized adaptive membranes are king.
  • A tech 2 ship should have tech 2 fittings to be most effective. There are exceptions, but not many.
  • If you’re flying a low tier battleship, the insurance can cover the ship and most tech 1 fittings. It’s a cheap way to bring a lot of firepower to a gang.

After the fitting discussion, there was some fleet tactics discussion. Most of it involved maintaining discipline in a fleet. Basically, do as you’re told and don’t argue until after the operation is complete. It was a productive meeting and I hope our alliance didn’t take the criticism as insult. Now pardon me while I go play with EFT and fit out a nice domi.

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