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May 18, 2009

COSMOS and data center missions

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Now that I can do level 4 missions comfortably, I am looking for ways to raise my faction standing. With higher faction standing, I won’t have to run lower level missions to gain standing with a corporation. I can just run level 3 and 4 missions and collect loyalty points for the gear I need. The usual way to gain faction standing is to run missions and then do the story line missions that come by every 16 regular missions. I don’t have the patience for this.

COSMOS missions seem to be a good way to gain faction standing quickly since they’re all considered story line missions. There are some problems with COSMOS. You need varying amounts of standing to participate in the missions depending on the level of the agent. Some of the missions are bugged (at least for Gallente) and some folks can’t complete them because of these bugs. If you decline or fail a mission, you won’t be able to get that mission again and the chain can’t be completed. Many of the missions are simple courier or kill missions, though they are harder then the usual mission of the same level.

The data center missions are mostly item exchange for faction standing, eg. for Gallente data centers, trade X serpentis tags for some small reward and an increase in faction. The tags are pretty expensive, so you’ll want to run some level 4 missions to fund their purchase. The data centers also have tag exchange for faction ship BPC’s, but I don’t have the standing to participate yet.

There is a german site which lists the agents, locations, levels, and standings needed to participate. It’s pretty easy to follow for non-german speakers, but there is always bablefish if you don’t understand it.

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