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May 25, 2010

EVE. A Look at Strategic Cruisers

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When Strategic Cruisers were first introduced last year, I ignored them. The cost was prohibitive (800M just for the hull, billions with the subsystems) and my dominix was great for my uses at the time. As time passes, the cost of these cruisers has fallen a lot and I have different needs. My spending power has also gone up.

The Gallente T3 cruiser, the Proteus, now runs about 550M including all of the subsystems that I want. Fitted with a T2 tank and weapons, it is about as good as an ishtar but is much more flexible. With the right subsystems installed, it can fill these roles (and probably others):

  • Scout / Explorer with a covert ops cloak and an expanded probe launcher.
  • A slippery scout with the interdiction nullifier to avoid bubbles.
  • Drone or gun boat with a great tank. This can be good for ratting/plexing/mission running.
  • Bait ship with the buffer tank subsystem and a bunch of armor plates (200k + effective hit points).

The strategic cruisers have some problems though. They are still pretty pricey. 550M is not pocket change for me. Everyone wants a T3 cruiser killmail, so they are frequent primary targets. If you die in a Strategic cruiser, you will lose a skill level in a random subsystem skill.

Even with these disadvantages, I believe it will be worthwhile to pilot one for 0.0 operations. I’ll use one to replace my ishkur in Syndicate. If I can scan ok without the covert ops bonus, I may get rid of my helios too. Simplifying logistics in 0.0 is part of my aim. A flexible ship should help.

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