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April 11, 2010

EVE and Traveling in 0.0

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I’m mostly settled in to my new home in Syndicate region. This area is a bit of a no-man’s land. One of the things I’ve noticed while looking at the DOTLAN maps and watching the corp chat is that many people die needlessly in lo-sec and 0.0.

Travel in 0.0 is never a sure thing. A good gate camp can probably kill anything that attempts to pass. One can reduce the odds of getting killed if you’re careful and aware. The following suggestions come from my limited but successful experience moving about in lawless land.

  • Use your star map to look at your route! Your star map has options to show you how many ship/pod kills there have been in any system in the last hour or 24 hours. This is a great scouting tool. I prefer using DOTLAN maps as they give me a cleaner view of a whole region. Of course, if someone just set up a gate camp a few minutes ago, then you’ll miss it and get killed. Which brings me to the second suggestion
  • Have someone or your second account scout ahead in a cheap fast ship. It’s a pain, but it’s a fairly safe way to keep your good loot from spilling into space. You can have a much less stressful time travelling about if you…
  • Avoid popular bottleneck systems. You can usually spot them on the map by the perennially high number of ship/pod kills in a system. EC-P8R for instance frequently has a gate camp up at the enterance from Torrinos, which is a hi-sec system. But how do you really know that some spots are popular for gate camps?
  • Know the area you’re travelling in. Study the maps. If you’re bored, go roam around in something cheap (put your skill clone in a convenient place first). Ask your alliance friends about suspect systems. Chat it up in local if your alliance policy allows.
  • Use safe spots and insta undocks if practical. If you plan to frequent a station in 0.0 (or lo-sec), make an insta undock book mark when no one is around. It’s easiest to use an interceptor or something fast to make it. But if you don’t have the time to safe spot the systems you travel through…
  • Use planets (or safe spots) as off alignment way points to avoid bubbles on gates. Warp bubbles can pull you out of warp early or late if they are aligned with your warp path. It is popular to place these bubbles in line between gates or between popular stations and gates. If you warp to a planet without a station (at something more then 0km by the way) and then warp to the gate (or to 100KM off the gate to look around), you will probably miss these special bubbles.
  • Don’t stay in one spot too long if there are hostiles in local. A good scout can probably scan you down in less then a minute if you’re hanging out at a planet or moon, less then two minutes if you’re at a non-deep safe spot.
  • Use a cloak, preferably a covert ops cloak on a ship that can equip it. This gives you more flexibility as you can’t be scanned down while the cloak is active. This makes safe spots safer for a longer period of time. If you can’t use a covert ops cloak, fit a regular cloak and an MWD for the cloak/MWD trick.
  • Crap… I jumped into a bubbled gate camp. What do I do? Don’t panic! If you’re in a non-cloaked ship bigger then a frigate or fast cruiser, you’ll probably die. Your best bet in this case is to wait a few seconds for your session timer to run down, and then burn for the gate. Mash that MWD button and pray. You can jump when you hit 2500 meters from the gate. If you are in a cloaked ship (not covops cloak), then look for a celestial object that is mostly in line with the edge of the bubble. Align to that and use the cloak/mwd trick… oh, and pray. If there is no celestial object in line with the edge of the bubble, you’ll probably have to burn back to the gate or cloak and motor to the edge of the bubble. The problem is that you only get one shot with the cloak/mwd trick. accelerating away to warp will be hard in a large ship. If you’re lucky enough not to be found and uncloaked, you’ll have to putter away at 25% speed to a safe distance and warp away. This will take a long time. A covert ops cloak makes it much easier to get to the edge of the bubble and find some place to warp that isn’t in line with the bubble. You shouldn’t have to use the MWD trick with a covert ops cloak.

If you’re careful and you pay attention, you have a high chance (not 100%, but high) of getting yourself and your junk to its destination. If you don’t make it, well then remember the first rule of EVE, “Don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose”.

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