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June 16, 2010

EVE – Catching up.

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There has been a lot going on in the world of EVE for me. Planetary Interaction is live. I bought and sold a strategic cruiser. I took a fast trip to New Eden, and now I live in a wormhole.

First up, my industry/trade alt is trained fairly well in planetary interaction. I’m currently running a couple of command centers in the corp wormhole. The planets there are amazingly good compared to anything I’ve found in hi-sec or lo-sec. I’m currently working some P2 products which seem to sell well on the market. P3’s don’t seem to sell well yet and I’m not sophisticated enough to do P4 products at this time.

My combat character has bought, fitted, and sold a proteus. I wasn’t pleased with the low DPS for missions. It looks like they would be great for wormhole ops though, so I may buy yet another one. Here’s the station screenie:

I’ve been meaning to take a trip to New Eden for a few months now. It seems like something that should be done. Well, it’s fairly boring. The trip there and back was full of pirates, and the gate itself looks like a bright star. Here’s the screenie to prove I was there:

There is graffiti in New Eden. People seem to like to drop secure cans and rename them to something marginally interesting like, “killroy was here”.

…and that’s New Eden.

On another day, I was chatting with one of our newer corp-mates. He seems like a fellow who wants to go places. It might be the kick in the ass our corp needs to do interesting things. After chatting with him, I decided that running missions is not only boring, but at 2% tax, it doesn’t add a lot to the corp. I now live in the wh that our corp has colonized. It has been a while since I lived out of a POS. I’m reminded that I really need to go buy some containers… and more ammo.

I’ve been running the C1 sleeper anomalies for the first time in a myrmidon. I lost 2 drones in about 15 minutes before I put together a plan to keep them safe. Basically, if the sleepers are targeting me and they’re close, send out the drones. If they’re targeting me and they’re fairly far off, launch the sentries and orbit the drones at 500M. As soon as they start targeting drones, call them in and wait a few seconds for them to target you. It’s a pain in the neck, but it works. The loot from one C1 anomaly seems to run about 30M ISK, and they take a lot less time to clear then a l4 mission. I’ll also have to pick up a salvage boat. Running one tractor and salvager really slows things down.

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