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April 24, 2010

EVE Choosing a mission ship

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These days, I spend my time in EVE jump cloning between my hi-sec mission hub to make money, and the alliance home in Syndicate. Syndicate isn’t a money losing place to live, but with my skills, it can’t compare to a nice hi-sec mission hub for money. While cranking out level 4 missions in Gallente space, I’ve been thinking about my setup, my skills, and the fastest way to clean out these level 4’s solo.

So what do I have to consider when choosing a mission ship? The obvious things are the damage output and the sustained active tank. Less obviously, speed is nice for travelling to gates and looting (assuming you don’t use a dedicated loot ship). I then have to match this up with my skills and do a bit of EFT warrior work, which is a game unto itself.

Most of my combat skills are in Gallente ships, drones, and to a lesser extent, hybrid guns. I can’t fly command ships or marauders (marauders are in the skill plan though), so my choices are Gallente battleships, battle cruisers, and HAC’s. On a side note, the ishkur can run level 4’s too, but its DPS tops out at 300, so it won’t be very efficient. It’s great for 0.0 ratting though since the DPS is ok and it can get out of trouble fast.

After figuring out what I can fly now or in the short term, I surfed around the battle clinic ship database looking for good mission loadouts. After plugging some variations into EFT based on my skills, it became apparent that the Ishtar I currently fly is close to as good as it gets. It’s fast, it has a nice tank, and it can put out more then 600 DPS with T2 sentry drones (which is a staple of my arsenal) and blasters. The DPS is a bit less then a Dominix with my skills, but the ship is much faster, which seems to count for a lot in most missions. As my gunnery skills go up (I’m working toward t2 large hybrids), the Dominix will start to win out over the Ishtar. At that point, I’ll be looking at the Megathron and Hyperion as well, but it looks like with my skill focus, the dominix will still be better.

I’m also considering what other races have to offer. The Navy Raven is supposed to be an outstanding mission ship. The problem is that I would have to train up to Caldari battleships, train up shield tanking, and train up missiles and that’s going to take a while. Maybe it will be worth it though. It will be a more difficult EFT exercise since my skills are way off the mark for a raven.

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