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May 2, 2009

EVE Trade and Exploration

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No, trade and exploration don’t seem to be related directly. They are both occupations that I have tried recently though.

I figured my miner alt should probably have some trading skills for the high volume selling that miners seem to need, so I tried trading for a couple of days to see how the mechanics worked. Unsurprisingly, trade works very much like real life (to my untrained eye). Your prices adjust based on demand, competition, and location. The market UI is robust and allows very detailed views of historical data and current prices in locations in the region. The various trade skills have an impact on different aspects of trade; what distance you can sell or buy at, how much tax you pay, how many orders you can have in flight at the same time, etc. I can’t trade for a living though. I find it way too boring. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had luck building a startup. My sister is thinking of trying out EVE. She does a lot of trading in WoW, and I think the robust trade system in EVE will be attractive to her. Sadly, I can’t paint a pretty picture of it because it just ain’t my bag.

Exploration, on the other hand, is fun. The new scanning system takes a little getting used to, but it feels less arbitrary. It also takes less time. For practice, I pressed my ishkur into service launching probes. It’s nice because it can handle all of the rats. With my low skills though, it seems that there are some sites which are impossible to scan down (ishkur has no scan strength bonuses). I’ll be buying a helios soon though. I’ll get to see how much more effective scan strength is in scanning sites down. I’m working on archaeology for the mag sites, and I already have hacking for the radar sites. My miner will have gas mining, so that should complete the list of skills I need to fully utilize these sies since I already have salvage.

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