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August 8, 2009

Gurista Ratting in Pure Blind

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I’ve been doing a lot of fleets and gate camps (relative to what I’m used to) in EC-P8R and the surrounding area. I even made it onto the top 10 scorers on our kill board. I fly an interceptor most of the time, so it’s not really due to any skill. Interceptors are usually the first to the target tackling, so they end up on all of the kill mails.

The whole area within 3 jumps of EC is very volatile. This is probably due to the easy access from empire. I took a break today and dragged my ishkur deeper into Pure Blind, where there is less activity and began the time honored profession of ratting for cash. For an ishkur, the Gurista rats seem to be a bit harder to tank, but no harder to take down then Serpentis. They do more thermal damage with missiles, so I’m going to have to beef up my thermal resists. While ratting in 0.0, I can never get over how huge the Veldspar asteroids are. Below is a picture I took while taking down some random gurista battleship rat.huge-roids

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