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September 19, 2009

Homeless, homeless.

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After a few days away from EVE, I came back today to see what was up. Before logging in, I went to do some information gathering to make sure the space I was in is still safe.

My first clue that something was amiss was that the Mostly Harmless alliance website would not allow access. I went over to the Homeless corporate website and didn’t see anything interesting on the front page. There was a post about Homeless getting hacked, and another telling folks to go to a particular system and join a new corp.

I logged in to see what was going on. I was booted from the alliance intel channels. This is probably not a good sign. I sold all of my crap that I could in the 0.0 station and loaded the rest onto my assault frigate for a possible trip through hostile space. I went to the station mentioned in the corp forums, but was not allowed access. It’s decision time. I’ve had a lot of fun in 0.0, but I think I’m going to head back to empire for a while.

I made about 20 jumps through 0.0. Only a few ships targeted me. Assault frigates are fast, so I managed to slip away. I got into EC-P8R and scouted out the gates. Of course, the station denied docking access, so my pile of stuff was stuck there. After scouting the EC -> Torrinos gate and finding it clear, I jumped through to empire space. Woohoo! The whole trip felt like I was running naked through a briar patch.

I then remembered that I had a jump clone in EC, so after docking up, I jumped to it. I’ve sold most of my stuff at fire-sale prices, and I’m going to cart out the rest in my covert ops ship when I log in again.

I think at this point, I’ll go ahead and rejoin my old corp and do wormhole operations and the like for a while. I’m two days away from flying a Heavy Assault Cruiser, so I’ll go get one of those for missions and PvE stuff. I am wondering how Providence is these days. It’s mostly low grade 0.0 space, but I’ll bet the wormholes are still pretty valuable. and 0.0 is always better then empire and lo-sec.

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