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February 4, 2009


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I saw a fascinating exchange last night while running missions in EVE. It started with a PVP challenge between a well spoken pilot in an Enyo (a very small but capable tech 2 frigate) and a not-so-well spoken pilot in a Thorax cruiser. I was finishing off my mission and was about to dock when I noticed that the fight was happening right next to the station, so I slow-boated over to take a look. The Enyo had the upper hand by the time I got there. The Thorax jus couldn’t hit it and was using medium drones to try to bring it down. Well, that wasn’t working out so great. The Thorax pilot called in a corp-mate who webbed the Enyo, and the Thorax finally got in some hits and blew it up. The Enyo pilot took it all with good grace and didn’t complain. Congratulated the cheater… I mean winner and docked his pod. That was interesting enough and says a lot about the honor variance in EVE, but the situation got even more interesting.

In local an obviously intelligent fellow got on and started insulting everyone in local and called the Enyo pilot a carebear. I assume this was an alt as the character knew more about EVE then a 4 day old character should. The conversation was full of insult and bile from this new character and nothing but politeness from the Enyo pilot. The new character was unwilling to give the name of his main after his diatribe. The Enyo pilot mentioned that he didn’t expect honor in a game where the creators do everything they can to encourage back-stabbing and deceit. I wouldn’t have expected that comment from someone with that level of civility.

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