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February 17, 2009

I lied. I’m not leaving EVE right now.

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EVE is like heroin. Even with the griefing, EVE is a great game and I can’t stay away. I’m so weak willed. I’m not going to operate the same way I have in the past though. I’m going to try to be smart about my carebear activities, and I’m goiing to try to find the fun in PvP since it seems to be a part of the game I can’t avoid.

My first step is to find a good corporation. I may have found one. It’s a small corp, but the CEO seems to be very experienced on both sides of the law and he’s very active. Currently he seems to be an honorable guy. Some of the corp rules are, “No smack talk”, “no griefing”, “don’t shoot non-reds”.  He asks for an hour of our time a week to contribute to the corp. This isn’t much and I expect this number to go up when we start moving to 0.0 and join an alliance. The CEO seems willing to teach PvP, so I’m going to take advantage of that. He is willing to replace ships up to cruisers lost in any corp operation. I have enough ISK that I probably won’t take advantage of this until my playing skills are a little better. I can replace a fitted cruiser from one L3 mission loot.

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