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July 26, 2010

Inspired by Images…

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There is a writing contest over at Starfleet Comms. The aim is to write a short piece inspired by the image of a Taranis warping through space. I don’t usually write fiction, but I figured I’d give it a shot since I’ve spent a lot of time in the Ares and Taranis. Find my story below the fold.


It’s like floating in the ocean, the slosh of pod fliuds as my Taranis accelerates into warp. I don’t get this feeling in any bigger or slower ships. It’s part of the reason why I fly interceptors. I’m probably entering the last minutes of my life as I move in quickly to tackle a Raven in the belts. His friends will probably kill me, but I should stay alive long enough to allow my gang to kill him. He and his friends should have found some other place in Syndicate to hunt in.

It’s a skeleton crew, only volunteers since they know they may die. If they live, they will have earned enough money to retire. The escape pod is in good order. I hope they make it. Their families in Poitot will do well even if they don’t make it back. You can get a lot of loyalty out of a good crew if you take care of their families.

I wonder what really happens when I die. Does my consiousness continue on? Do I just feel nothing? Do I really continue into my next clone, or do I just die here while a new person replaces me? Is my soul destroyed during the rebirth? Do I still have a soul? I’ll find the answers soon enough.

My ship is in good working order. The new armor plates whould help me last a bit longer. The guns are in good condition ready for the overheating abuse they are about to receive. The MWD and signature damper are green. The sun is at my back. It’s a good day to die again.

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