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August 28, 2009

Little Ship in a Big Fleet

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Yesterday evening, I finally managed to get into a passing fleet which was on its way to do battle with the alliance, Sons of Tangra. There were about 50-60 ships at any time in the fleet. Most of them were battleships.

There were about three of us flying interceptors for tackling. It was a blast learning about the fundamentals of holding down a target while others pummel it. I ended up on about 4 out of the 15 or so kill mails, so I clearly have a lot to learn.In any case, here are a couple of pics at 2 different gates. I didn’t manage to capture the whole fleet.

Below, we paused for a few moments to camp a gate. This gate leads from 0.0 to low-sec and is frequently used by Sons of Tangra.


In the following picture, we were preparing to jump through a gate.


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