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July 6, 2009

Making Myself Useful

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For younger characters like mine, it can be hard to feel useful in a gang sometimes. I can effectively fly only small ships. Our usual FC gave me a couple of hints on how to be useful (I asked). Strap a webber and a warp disrupter to a fast frigate and be a tackler. The 2nd tier version of this is to train interceptors and buy the fast one for your race for tackling. Scout in some cheap frigate or shuttle. The step up from this is to train Covert Ops frigates so you can do your work without getting killed in a gate camp (with a little luck).

I’ve been doing a lot of scouting in a covert ops frigate, and I just finished training interceptors today. Once I get some gunnery training in, I should be able to use a battle cruiser and battleship effectively in a fleet. Our fleets are also always looking for interdictors, heavy interdictors, ECM boats, and occasionally recons. If I plan to be active in fleets and progress, I guess I know what ships to plan for.

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