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April 10, 2009

My First Complete Level 4 Mission

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Missions in Eve come in different levels and types. One usually starts out with low level missions (level 1 or 2) and as you gain standing with the corporation for whom you are doing missions, you can access harder missions. In my case, I’ve been doing missions for Chemal Tech for about a month to gain standing so I can get Jump Clones. All of that missioning also gave me access to the Level 4 mission agents.

About a month ago, I accepted a level 4 mission (I believe the name of it was assault) in Dodixie. I wrote a post on that already. I hope I have a thicker skin now. Last night, I accepted the L4 mission Damsel in Distress. After reading up on it, I prepared my Dominix and headed off. I won’t go into much detail, but the mission wasn’t terribly hard. I completed it in about 45 minutes. Looting took about a half hour. I had to take 2 trips with my salvaging ship. The mission reward was 2.5 million ISK. The salvage came to 4 million. Bounties were another 5 million. The loot looks like about another 10 million. Not a bad haul for someone who is new to level 4 missions. The most I ever squeezed out of a level 3 mission was about 10 million.  The other reward for missions are Loyalty Points, which can be used to buy superior gear. I got about 3500 points from this mission. I think the highest I saw in a level 3 mission was a bit over 1000 LP.  That Navy issue Vexor doesn’t seem like a distant dream anymore.

How do I do my missions? Here is my basic strategy after I’ve found an agent:

  • Start a conversation with the agent and view the mission they offer. Don’t accept yet.
  • Decide whether you want the mission based on the faction you will fight. I don’t do missions against the Caldari or Amarr. I also pass on some of the drone missions. Don’t accept yet!
  • Go to EVE-Survival and gather information about the mission. There are other sites. This one works with the In-Game Browser and is fast on a regular browser.
  • Now you can decide whether you can handle the mission and accept or decline it. If it has been less then 4 hours since you last declined a mission, you will take a standings hit if you decline again. In that case, just wait it out before declining.
  • Prepare your ship for the mission. This means going to the fitting screen and selecting the equipment which is appropriate for the mission.
  • Load up the ammo you will need.
  • Step off. You may want to keep the browser minimized with the description of the mission ready for quick reference.

If you fly a Dominix, there is a great post on the EVE Online forums which describes in detail how to prepare for level 4 missions. It’s marginally useful for other ship types as drones play a huge part in his strategy.

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