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May 29, 2010

Old Skills, New Skills, ISK efficiency

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There are 5 new skills for planetary interaction: Remote Sensing, Planetology, Advanced Planetology, Command Center Upgrades, and Interplanetary consolidation. The whole pile costs less then 10M and it should take just a few days to train into all of them. I’ve got my industry alt on that. It looks like it could provide a semi-passive income flow. If it’s reasonably profitable, I’ll train them up on my combat character too… Maybe I’ll train some PI alts if it’s good enough.

In the old skills category, my combat character hasn’t looked at social skills for a while. Since he does a lot of missions, I’m going to get some of those up to snuff. I should have done that a long time ago. Also, I have some research skills on both characters. I’m finally going to train up Research Project Management on both characters, get some higher standings, and get a nice passive income flow from data cores.

This ties in with efficient ISK making. I’ve been working on skills which help me kill rats faster. It’s the obvious thing to do. Kill rats faster, make more money. The not so obvious issue is that I am neglecting a lot of skills (social skills) which can increase my income significantly without spending a lot of training time. The research skills tie into that. The more research I can do, the more money I can make.

Now why do I need to be more efficient about making money? Well, I’m training both characters into some expensive stuff now. My industry toon is going for Rorqual and jump freighters plus support skills. That’s a billion ISK. My combat toon is training for carriers and dreadnoughts plus support skills. There’s another billion. The cost of ships and fittings for both toons will easily run to 10B once I have all of the ships I could want. That is a lot of coin. Well, instead of standing around here gabbing with you folks, I should get back to making ISK.

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