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July 15, 2009

Packing Up Again

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Our alliance has decided to leave Syndicate space. It’s probably the best move for the alliance. The politics in the area are really convoluted which makes it hard to keep track of who is friends with who. We’ve been asked to fleet up with people who are red (hostile) to us to go chase a neutral gang. It’s all a little strange. I’ve learned a lot about living in a 0.0 space and I’ve made a bit of money ratting and exploring, so it was a worthwhile excursion for me.

Now that we’re moving, I have to figure out how to get my clones, ships, and equipment to our new home (more on that later). I don’t have much; one container of equipment, three frigates, a cruiser, and a hulk, but it’s still going to be interesting to see how fast the stuff makes it to our new staging point.

While I wait on logistics (and help out where I can), I’ll be looking in the area for a wormhole to hi-sec. I got lucky once, maybe I can do it again. If not, at least I’ll find some interesting sites to pass the time while we work on moving out.

I won’t say much about where we’re moving next, but it is more conventional 0.0 space. In Syndicate, the gangs range in size from 5 people to 25 people. The new home has gangs ranging up into the hundreds. I’ve been told that the lag in those gangs is horrible, but I’d like to be in at least one large fleet just to see how they manage to be effective.

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