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July 12, 2010

Playing EVE for Free

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As I’ve said in and earlier post, I’ve started purchasing PLEX’es in-game to continue my EVE experience. This means that at current prices, I have to come up with 600 million ISK per month. For a mission runner/ratter, this is a significant amount of time. If I make 20M per hour (and that’s actually aggressive for my skills), that’s 30 hours of game play per month dedicated to keeping the subscription alive. Yikes!

I really can’t do that without it feeling like a job. So what’s a poor pod pilot to do? Well, here is my plan of action in priority order:

  • Both of my characters are immediately going to start using research agents. This includes about two more weeks of training on each of them, and probably a couple of weeks of standings grinding to get good agents for my indy character. Eventually, I would like to spend some training time on my inactive alts to get their research skills up to speed. Once the initial work is done, research is pretty much fire and forget. You don’t have to be logged in to make money.
  • Do more research with PI as a possible semi-passive income source. One planet seems to take about 5 minutes of work a day. I could probably scale up to four or five planets per character in less then an hour per day, plus an hour gathering on the weekends.
  • Become a better trader. Initially, that means don’t sell to buy orders or buy from sell orders unless the margin is really thin, or the product is too cheap to deal with. I may also get some alts involved in station trading in the smaller trade and mission hubs.
  • Look into BPO research. I’ve read that one can make good money selling well researched BPC’s on contract.
  • Is invention worth it? It seems like there is some labor involved in invention, but it may be worthwhile.

This new ISK sink is in addition to needing skill books for cap ships, actually buying cap ships, and generally being self-sufficient.

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