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April 7, 2010

Syndicate… again.

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My main character has moved on to a new corp. How it happened was a little odd. I had an evemail chat with my boss about the activity level and current plans. He encouraged me to chat with an acquaintance of his and maybe join their company if it is a good fit. He also asked me to report back about my experiences. I think he has an eye toward either merging or joining their alliance. My industry alt is still in my old corp. If I like the new corp, I’ll move him.

So the new corp/alliance I’m in is in the process of securing space in syndicate. Judging from the maps, it looks like the ratting will not be so hot, but I’ll give it a go. The main goal of the corp is to setup a POS or three and do some T2 stuff. I already bought a covops ship and made my way to the new Syndicate home.

The corp has a strong empire presence and I will be expected to run some level 4 missions and have people tag along. I’m not used to having company on missions. I hope to be an asset since I just finished grinding enough standing that I can run any L4 mission in Gallente space and most of them in Minnie space. On a side note, if you’re looking for faction standing to put up a hi-sec POS or something, I suggest learning about COSMOS missions.

So now I have some skill planning to do. My main will probably start training into carriers and dreadnoughts. I’ll also need to work on a “cyno alt” for easy movement (a cyno alt is a low skill point character who can pilot a frigate and open cynosural field to move capital ships about). My industry alt will probably start working toward a rorqual and/or a jump freighter… oh, and a cyno alt for him too. Capital ships are expensive, so I’ll have to find some more efficient ways to make ISK.

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