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May 22, 2009

The Cost of Standing

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After doing some COSMOS missions and some Data Center tag turnins, I have the standing do level III missions with all Gallente corporations. The good news is that if I ever decide to do research, it will be easier to grind up standings. The bad news is that I was almost broke from purchasing tags for the turnin quests. I got back from an overnight trip to Vermont around noon and my wife didn’t have any particular demands for me, so I did 3 level 4 missions: Serpentis Vengeance, Attack of the Drones (har har), and Serpentis Massive Attack. Look them up here if you’re interested in the details.

I was a little worried since I haven’t done a mission in a couple of weeks. The missions went smoothly. I never had to turn on the second armor repairer so it’s pretty clear that in many level 4 missions, that slot is wasted. For the easier missions, I’ll probably replace the repper with a magstab or something. I’ll probably also swap out some mid-slots with some drone upgrades and/or an afterburner. I am also consdering a faction or complex armor repper. They run 125M ISK for most faction ones up into the billions for the best complex reppers. Clearly, I’ll be going “low end” as I rarely have more then 200M of cash at any given time.

The total haul from all three missions looks like about 20M in bounties (for the serpentis missions), 6M in mission rewards, and around 30M in loot and salvage. I need to get my damage up so I can finish these missions faster. As I’ve written before, my skill plan focuses on drones and gunnery support skills up through august. This ought to move things along.

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