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May 5, 2009

The Final Frontier

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It’s not really the final frontier, but exploration in EVE is pretty interesting. Now that I can use a covert ops ship and a covert ops cloak, I went ahead and bought a helios. I’ve been using this to probe down exploration sites in hi-sec until I can get up the courage to do my work in low-sec. Even the hi-sec sites are pretty good. The radar sites seem to produce about 10M ISK worth of invention goodies on average. The salvage sites have been pretty weak. The combat sites are usually pretty pedestrian, but I did get an escallation from one site called “Serpentis Vigil”. The escallation sent me to a site about 17 jumps away. That site didn’t escallate, but it did drop an implant worth 20M – 30M, and a 5 run blueprint copy for something called a “Shadow Control Tower, Medium”. Wow, that’s the best loot drop I’ve ever seen in this game. It seems pretty rare and the going rate for a 1 run blueprint is about 130M ISK. With a discount, I think this one will go for 350M – 400M, maybe even more. I’ll sit on it until I figure out exactly what to do with it.

I’m doing most of the work inside exploration sites in an Ishkur. I’m beginning to like this ship a lot. My DPS with the drones is respectable and the tank is perfect for all of the serpentis rats I encounter. It’s fast and agile compared to my mission Domi, so no slow boating to the warp gates and no long wait to warp after undocking. If you’re a droner, I recommend the Ishkur with almost no reservations.

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